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Let’s Be Clear, Today’s Republicans/Conservatives Would Have Hated Dr. King

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It’s the 30th year that we celebrate the life and times of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King was a pioneer of the non-violent civil rights movement of the 1960’s, stepping into the forefront of the movement at the age of 26 while leading the Montgomery Bus Boycott. As is common knowledge, most Americans can tell you that he won the Nobel Peace Prize, and that he led the historic March On Washington. But above all, most Americans remember Dr. King for his famous “I Have A Dream speech.” A speech that I wholeheartedly encourage folks to read in it’s entirety. And the reason that I encourage the reading of that speech, is because far too often Dr. King is referred to as “The Dreamer.” He’s portrayed as a non threatening, cuddly civil rights icon, who just wanted us all to get along. His radicalism is rarely spoken of, the consistency of his speaking truth to power brushed off.

And it’s become an annual thing as of late for Republicans/Conservatives to try to white wash his image and his message to shame those who would call for more equitable civil rights action in this country, while at the same time seeking to dismantle the very policies and laws Dr. King very well would have fought for. And it’s an interesting thing to watch unfold. Former Republican Congressman from Illinois, Joe Walsh took to his twitter account today to say this.

Never mind that what Joe Walsh is saying is patently ridiculous, it’s that after saying something ridiculous, he dons the cape of victim hood as he’s being corrected. Make no mistake, he and other’s like him would have HATED Dr. King if he were living today. But it’s not just Joe Walsh, others chimed in to say what MLK would have admonished black folks for.

It’s as if these people have forgotten who Martin Luther King Jr. was, and what he stood for. While Republican legislators fight to make it harder for citizens to vote. Here, here, and here. They also willfully forget the social justice message that Dr. King advocated that very well cost the man his life. No cuddly, friendly, civil rights icon who just wants everybody to get along meets an assassin’s bullet without being a threat. You would think that it should go without question that King would be in favor of today’s #BlackLivesMatter movement, contrary to Congressman Joe Walsh’s assertion. For if “All Lives Matter” in the time of King, there would have been no need for the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s to begin with. King spoke with urgency then, just as BLM activist speak with urgency now.

Toward the end of King’s life, He advocated AGAINST the Vietnam war, which leaves one to wonder what his stance would be, as hawkish Republicans/Conservatives continue to beat the drum to go to war with Iran. King was in support of a sanitation workers strike in Memphis one can speculate as to where King would stand in regards to fast food workers seeking better wages, and unionization opportunities. A position that a number of Republicans/Conservatives have vehemently spoken against. Republicans/Conservatives damn near wet themselves when President Barack Obama spoke of a need for a “redistribution of wealth,” but ironcally, Dr. King also advocated for this very same thing near the end of his life. But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to the man himself.

Nothing that Dr. King advocated in his time would be consistent with the talking points of current Republican/Conservative pundits and politicians. And it’s hugely comical to see White, Republicans/Conservatives step out on the limb to lecture black people on what Dr. King wanted not only for black people, but America as well. Especially when they themselves are doing their damnedest to undo everything the man fought for. Don’t be fooled, if they’re rolling their eyes anytime Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson speaks out on behalf of families dealing with the loss of a loved one because of police brutality, just imagine the clinched fist they’d have when Dr. King says “We’re coming for our check.”

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