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The Spann Report

(Episode 116) “Middle Ground? WTF Is That?”

Mr. Spann


On episode 116 of #TSRP Spann has was being stalked by a chicken. Yes, you read that right, a chicken. And every now and then, the job lets Spann do something really cool, yet also very important. And It’s SPANN’S BIRTHDAY! So we’ll celebrate a little bit. Mothers celebrating themselves on Fathers’s Day, is that really still a thing? The NBA Finals are going on right now, and folks swear it’s rigged. Well, it is right? And then we switch gears and talk about the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL. Was it terrorism? Was it homophobia? Was it radical Islam? And why do we have to then engage in a competition to determine who’s suffered the most? Should certain types of Firearms be banned? Lots of questions to be asked for sure. We’ll discuss them here. And of course we have a new AssHat & Champ of The Week, and new listener feedback! All of that this week on The Spann Report!

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