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(Episode 175) “Fine People…”

Mr. Spann

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After nearly 2 weeks away, Spann returns to the mic for episode 175 of #TSRP. Today we got a lot to talk about, as Spann shares some of his random thoughts, and updates on what’s been happening with him the last 2 weeks. (Trip to New Orleans and all.) We’ll talk about how beer drinking has been shown to lead towards mental clarity. (Spann endorses this message) Comcast done hit your boy with a data cap warning (Spann told ya’ll this shit was coming.) We try to get the fun stuff in first because by now, all of you should know about what happened in Charlottesville Virginia. We’ll navigate towards the foolishness that happened there, and why this is something that could have been avoided, seeing as how we’ve been warning folks about this kinda shit for well over a year now. And the Orange Fuher in Chief did not disappoint us at all with his response. We’ve got a new Champ this week. And we do have an AssHat, but today’s show is filled with them soooo. All of that and more on episode 175 of The Spann Report!

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    (Episode 175) “Fine People…”
    Mr. Spann

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