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(Ep. 247) #TSRP “Lizzie Got A Plan!”

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Episode 247 of The Spann Report is here, and we start the show hopping right In The News, as Joe Biden has officially thrown his hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination for President. He’s also spoken with Anita Hill to apologize to her for his role in the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings, and hired political commentator Symone Sanders as a campaign adviser. But will it be enough to shore up black support to a skeptical contingent of black women voters? Also in the news, the Florida House of Representatives led by Republicans are looking to make former felons pay fines and restitution before being able to cast a ballot. Doesn’t that sound eerily close to a poll tax? And Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has unveiled a plan to eliminate student loan debt for millions. But what are the details of the plan, and could there be any unintended negative consequences to implementing it?

We then move along to Blue Blazes as we’re confused as to whether or not this is the work of the Special Hotep Unit, or the religious right. Probably a bit of both as leaders in a Hebrew Isrealite church have been indicted after using the church funds as their own personal slush fund. The USDA seems to believe that there is an “acceptable amount” of fecal matter to be had in meat up for sale. Could this be the last straw and make you want to go vegan? And could Remy Ma be making a return trip to jail after allegedly bopping another Love & Hip Hop cast mate in the face and blacking her eye? Or is this just another story line for the show next year?

Then it’s off to Proud To Be An American, where in Washington DC, gentrifiers have found themselves in crosshairs of Howard University students who are taking offense to their campus being used as a dog park. A Pastor and school administrator kicked to children out of a Christian school because their mother “committed adultery.” Her children don’t have the same father. But really though, is this what Jesus would do? And a militia leader in New Mexico, who made news as his militia was illegally detaining migrants coming into the country from Mexico, was found out to be a felon, and breaking the law by even owning a firearm. Also, he’s been arrested multiple times for impersonating a police officer. So how in the hell was he still out on the streets?

Then of course you know we close the show with our AssHat & Champ of The Week. So let’s get to it, right here and right now on this week on The Spann Report Podcast!

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    (Ep. 247) #TSRP “Lizzie Got A Plan!”
    Mr. Spann

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