(Ep. 46) #BNCPod “The Legend of Kawhi”

It’s been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you, without a strong pod to beef to. (I mean I would have said argue to, but that wouldn’t have fit.) What’s going on family, welcome to episode 46 of The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast, with the homies Spann and Cliff bringing you some sports hot take shenanigans. It’s been a while so your boys will be doing some catching up, and then we hop into some of the sports hot topics of the moment.

Of course you know we’ll be diving into these NBA Finals. A Finals series that at the time of this recording has the Toronto Raptors leading 3-1, and on the cusp of the first ever NBA Championship in franchise history after 24 years of existence. Shout out to everybody who remembers an NBA with no Canadian teams. But with these NBA Finals there has been a little drama. Outside of whether or not Kevin Durant will make a comeback by game 5, and will it be enough, Warriors minority owner Mark Stevens is being pressured to sell his stake in the team after pushing Raptors Point Guard Kyle Lowry, while making a play on the ball out of bounds. So the questions we’ll be asking is, should he be forced to sell his stake in the team, and also the re-emerging discussion about fan interaction with players during, and surrounding the games.

Speaking of owners. Warriors Forward Draymond Green has been making waves after an appearance on the HBO show The Shop hosted by LeBron James, where he spoke about his being uncomfortable with the term “owner” being used in league that consist mostly of black players. One owner in particular, the Dallas Maverick’s Mark Cuban has taken exception to the comparison, and has called on Draymond Green to apologize. But should he?

As Kwahi Leonard has this Raptors team on the verge of taking the chip, we’re learning more and more about this dude as a person. You’re seeing him do more post game interviews, you’re hearing stories about him while he was a college player at San Diego State. He’s starting to become an urban legend right before our eyes. But two questions remain, had LeBron James decided to stay in the East, do we get to see Kawhi flourish in these NBA Finals? And secondly is it Kawhi, not Kevin Durant who’s next up as the best player in the world? We’ll get into those topics and of course, you know ya boys have to finish it off with our Wing It portion of the show. So kick back, relax, get yourself a Four Loko, and a 2 piece white from one of your favorite fish and chicken joint, and kick it with your boys right here on The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

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