(Ep. 50) #BNCPod “Is Nothing Sacred?”

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The Beer N’ Chicken fellas are here with the 50th episode! Dig that, so in celebration, these fools got to eat 50 chicken fingers a piece. Nah, probably not, but we do got some sports to talk about. And we get things kicked off talking boxing as former welterweight champion Pernell Whitaker passed away this past week. We reminisce on what some like to call a golden age of boxing. Then we move on to baseball as players have been inducted into Cooperstown this past week. And while we’re thinking about baseball. We get to talking about some of the business of the game too, as MLB has promised that advertisements will be put on uniforms within the next three years.

Then Big Baller Brand, is it still a thing? After much hype when the brand was launched, items from the brand have been sold lately at garage sale prices. And of course, we wrap things up with our Wing It segment. So we’ll get right to it, just with wings tonight right here on The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

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