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We get things kicked off on episode 257 with a bit of Listener Feedback, as Spann responds to an email sent in by one of our listeners. Then we go In The News, were a Pennsylvania school board rejects a donors offer to pay off the lunch debt of students in the district. Equifax, one of the three credit reporting bureaus in the United States has reached a settlement with the US Government in the amount of $700 Million. What could that mean for you, and do you get a piece of that settlement? And Democratic Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has introduced new legislation to eliminate student loan debt with The Student Loan Debt Relief Act of 2019. It stands no chance of passing with Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell standing in the way of it, but if she were to win, could this be THE path forward for millions of Americans? And Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, just might have been caught saying how she really feels about a police union official during a city council meeting this past week. Was she out of line?

Then we’re off to Blue Blazes, as somehow, and someway, dudes found a way to blame Lela Rochon for photos surfacing of her husband, movie director Antoine Fuqua, sharing a kiss with “family friend” Nicole Murphy. A man became a real life Miles Morales, as he scaled 15 stories up the side of a burning building to rescue his mother. And R. Kelly’s Crisis Manager, Darnell Johnson has quit, after a bizarre interview with CBS.

Then it’s on to Proud To Be An American, where Kathy Zhu, the former Miss Michigan pageant contestant who was stripped of her title after some controversial tweets she made came to light to pageant officials, will now speak at a Women For Trump rally in the state. Is this a case of mixing up your politics with racial attitudes? Nazi Nancy also known as Nancy Goodman was caught on video calling black women whom she deemed “too loud” niggers after they told her their money spends the same. She’s also unapologetic and doubled down by saying she would do it again. Is this what some black folks mean when they say they want their racist out in the open? And in Mississippi, three Ole Miss students have been suspended by their fraternity, not the school, after a picture of them posing with a shotgun, and an AR-15 around a bullet ridden historical marker of the spot where Emmitt Till was found, surfaced on social media. What, if anything should happen to these dudes.

And of course like we always do, we close out the show with our AssHat & Champ of the Week Announcements. So let’s get it cracking and DO IT LIVE with the Real Talk, ALL The Time here on The Spann Report!

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