(Ep. 265) #TSRP “Are They Really Cancelled Though?”

On episode 265 of #TSRP we get right to it and hop In The News, as the House of Representatives have opened an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump over possibly asking the newly elected President of the Ukraine to launch an investigation into Joe Biden, and his son Hunter. The Department of Homeland Security finally acknowledges White Nationalism as a Terrorism threat in the United States. And in Detroit it’s been found out that because some cops that have proven to be liars, it presents problems for the District Attorney to actually prosecute cases because the police officer’s testimony won’t stand up in court. REALLY???

We’re then off to Blue Blazes where hood movie classic is slated for a a reboot. Should they move forward with this production, or should they just leave well enough alone? A woman in Louisiana bites a camel on the testicles to escape an attack at a truck stop. Yes, you read that correctly. And Kanye West topped Forbes list as the highest paid Hip Hop artist of 2019. But wasn’t he cancelled?

Then it’s time for Proud To Be An American, as Slate is reporting that 43% of Harvard students are not there because of their own academic ability, but because they are either a legacy student, an athlete, or the kid of a highly influential donor. A Florida woman is facing fines from her HOA after she took friends into her home while they were fleeing Hurricane Dorian. And Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just signed a bill into law that requires former felons, and parolees to pay court fees and fines in order to register to vote. This comes after the citizens of Florida voted for a state constitutional amendment restoring the voting rights of convicted felons.

And it’s time to close out the show with our AssHat & Champ of The Week announcements, so let’s unpack it all right here, right now on The Spann Report!

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