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(Ep. 268) #TSRP We’re Being Played”

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With today’s episode, we kick things off by getting right In The News, as the state of California has stepped up in two big ways for the kids in their state. They’ve now mandated by law to push back the start times for kids to be at school, and also guaranteed lunches for all of the children attending their public schools. In Ohio, at the Cleveland Clinic, doctors were able to perform surgery on a child not yet born to repair it’s Spina Bifida, which if left untreated, could have resulted in paralysis of the legs, and difficulty urinating for the child. And the Trump Administration has taken a couple more blows. These not related to the impeachment inquiry. Betsy Devos, the Secretary of Education has been held in contempt by a federal judge because she has not yet stopped collecting student loan payments from students who went to for profit colleges. And another Trump Administration official has tendered his resignation over the student loan debt crisis, because he believes most of the debt is uncollectible.

Then it’s on to Blue Blazes, where Always, the feminine hygiene product maker has announced that they are taking the female symbol off of their products, but did they really do it because of pressure from the Transgender community? Comedian and Actor Brandon T. Jackson has been doing interviews as of late, and one interview he did with TMZ is raising eyebrows, as he suggested that he was on “thin ice with GOD because he played a closeted gay man in the movie Tropic Thunder. And singer Tank had the internet all in a tizzy as he was making an appearance on the Angela Yee hosted podcast Lip Service, where he suggested a man performing oral sex on another man doesn’t make him gay. Did he have a point though? And in Sexy Time, we find out that the words of the Lord ain’t the only thing coming out of the Pastor’s mouth, as video surfaced of a Pastor David Wilson performing oral sex with a woman that wasn’t his wife, and made it’s way through the Twitter and Facebook streets. Spann visited the church and found some shocking details about what goes on there!

And in Proud To Be An American, a black conservative radio host claims that GOD killed Elijah Cummings because of his opposition to Donald Trump. A black security guard was fired from his job, after asking an unruly student to stop calling him the n-word. And Trump gives a speech on Criminal Justice Reform at Benedict College, and HBCU, thing is, they made all but a few students stay in their dorms while this speech was taking place.

We then wrap up everything with our Champ of The Week, so lets break this on down and get to it with the Real Talk, ALL THE TIME here on The Spann Report!

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    (Ep. 268) #TSRP We’re Being Played”
    Mr. Spann

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