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(Ep. 270) #TSRP “Parental Guidance Is Advised”

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Episode 270 gets kicked off with Spann cranking out a few Random Thoughts from the prior week, and then we hop In The News, where we get an update on the woman who was caught on video dancing in front of a very confused Lion. She has since been apprehended. The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is back, and so are the lines. And finally in all 50 of these here United States, public breast feeding is now legal!

Then off to Blue Blazes we go, where we get into some politics. Mayor Pete Buttigieg isn’t polling well with black folks in general, but more specifically in the state of South Carolina where they will hold one of the first Presidential Primary elections. But is it because he’s gay? A white high school football coach in North Carolina resigned from his job this week, after video surfaced of him saying “nigga” He says his players don’t mind him using the term, and they encouraged him even to use it. Should he have quit his job? T.I. has been doing a lot of talking as of late, especially with the kick off of his new podcast, and his newfound affinity to speaking on panels about what’s ailing the black community. But he stuck his foot in his mouth when it came to talking about his daughter’s virginity on a recent episode of the Ladies Like Us podcast, and it was a doozy. And in Texas, a mother may have just lost the custody of her kids after she went to her son’s school to discipline him after he allegedly “disrespected” his teacher. Video of her beating the child has since gone viral, and the debates are raging. Is this woman, along with T.I. simply doing what they think is best for their children? We’ll discuss.

And in Proud To Be An American, audio of Alt-Right, leader Richard Spencer being the racist everyone with since thought he was, was just released by another Alt-Right troll Milo Yiannapolis. And somehow the media is shocked by what they heard? A Chicago area Buffalo Wild Wings asked black patrons to move because a white patron who’s a regular at that establishment didn’t want to sit near black people. And a CVS Pharmacy in Indiana, wouldn’t accept the ID of a customer because the ID came from Puerto Rico. And they asked him for his immigration papers. (FACE PALM) We’ll break down all of that silliness.

We then close out the show with our Champ of The Week! So lets get to it, we got lots to cover this week on episode 270 of The Spann Report!

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    (Ep. 270) #TSRP “Parental Guidance Is Advised”
    Mr. Spann

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