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The Beer N' Chicken Podcast

(Ep. 67) #BNCPod “The Divorce Is Final”

Mr. Spann 9

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Spann and Cliff are back on the mics with their sophomoric shenanigans on episode 67 of #BNCPod and we do a little bit of catching up, as the fellas haven’t had a chance to really chop it up in the last couple weeks. The Coronavirus has kind of taken over everyone’s lives at this point, and the Chicago area is currently under Shelter-In-Place orders. So we’ll talk about what that actually looks like, for those of us are are not yet, that far down the Pandemic rabbit hole. Then we get to the sports, and we begin with the biggest story of Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots, and signing a new deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. What could these last few years with the Buc mean for Tom Brady’s legacy going forward? And how will the New England Patriots look without their longtime field General?

Darius Slay was traded from the Detroit Lions to the Philadelphia Eagles this week, and on his way out the door, he let it be known that he and Lions Head Coach, Matt Patricia, and a very rocky relationship. Do the fellas believe this will be Matt Patricia’s last season as Head Coach of the Detroit Lions? Drug Testing in the NFL, could it be seeing an overhaul? Like players not being suspended for positive test for banned substances? And if so, why would those players still be suspended for testing positive for Marijuana per the new proposed rules? We’ll be discussing that, and a whole lot more. So with it being Spring and all, we know some of y’all are living in some pretty warm spots. Gone head and fire up the grill, put some wings, some legs, and some thighs on it, crack open a brew, and chop it up with the fellas. Right here on The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

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    (Ep. 67) #BNCPod “The Divorce Is Final”
    Mr. Spann

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