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(Ep. 289) #TSRP “But Some Rando On Facebook Said…”

Mr. Spann


Back on the mic again this week to bring you another edition of The Spann Report, we get things started right In The News, where the US Army is now asking their retired health care soldiers to come back to the service to help fight this COVID-19 Pandemic. The Navy Captain who was removed from his command for sounding the alarm about the virus infecting his ship, has tested positive for the disease himself. And AMC Theaters are worried that they may not be able to re-open their theaters after the Pandemic because of a lower credit rating?

We’ll examine all of that before we hop into Blue Blazes, where Chuck D says it was all a hoax when they fired Flavor Flav from the group, Public Enemy. OJ Simpson says he is convinced that Tiger King subject, Carole Baskin killed her husband. And did Teddy Riley actually become the latest star to promote the 5G conspiracy?

Then it’s time for Proud To Be An American, where Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp decided to open up the beaches in his state, just one day after issuing a stay at home order. Trump Administration trade advisor Peter Navarro, seems to believe that his social science degree makes him more than qualified to question the expertise of Dr. Anthony Fauci about the use of the anti-malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine. And Dr. Fauci has also become a huge target in right wing circles because he often corrects Donald Trump during the White House briefings concerning COVID-19.

Then we close everything out with a slight return of the AssHat of The Week, and our Champ of The Week announcements. So let’s get right to it fam, with the Real Talk, ALL THE TIME right here on The Spann Report!

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