(Ep. 72) #BNCPod “After The Dance”

Mr. Spann


It’s been a month! But the guys are back with another episode of The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast, and we get things kicked off by catching up. It’s been busy for both Spann and Cliff, so we’ll catch up with the fellas to see what they’re up to, and kept us from finishing our recaps of The Last Dance the way we wanted. But then we get right into it, and we talk about the death of former Chicago Bull, and Utah Jazz coaching legend Jerry Sloan. Patrick Ewing has contracted the Coronavirus, and the NBA is planning on trying to resume the season. But should they? And lastly, After the ending of The Last Dance on ESPN, some of the players from those Chicago Bulls teams haven’t been happy with their portrayals in the docuseries. One of it’s biggest critics, is former Chicago Bulls Power Forward, Horace Grant, who’s come out to say that the documentary is filled with lies, and left tons of things out. So we’ll discuss, if The Last Dance was just more Michael Jordan propaganda, or is this just sour grapes from players who may have personal issues with Michael Jordan.

And of course like we do with every show, we’ll be Winging It, before we check on out. We know it’s Memorial Day, but if you can pull yourself from the grill, grab yourself a few of those chargrilled wings, and a nice cold one, and kick it with the fellas from The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

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