(Ep. 305) #TSRP “Owning The Libs To Death!”

The Spann Report 17

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So we took a week off to recharge our batteries, and we’re back on the mic to kick off August 2020. And we get things cracking with a couple of Spann’s Random Thoughts from the week, before we roll right on over In The News, where we find out that Herman Cain, former Republican Presidential candidate has died due to complications from COVID-19. Will this change how Conservatives talk about this pandemic, or will it be business as usual? In Detroit, an activist group called “Detroit Will Breathe” has called for the resignation of Detroit Police Chief James Craig, after another police involved shooting in the city. But is this group currently hurting their own cause with some of their more recent public statements? And a Yale study has shown that the extra $600 in unemployment funds given to keep the economy afloat during the Coronavirus pandemic did NOT lead people to work less. But will it really matter how people will perceive it’s impact?

Then we move on to Blue Blazes, where we find hundreds of McDonald’s workers are reporting being assaulted for trying to enforce mask regulations in their stores. A Florida man scammed the Paycheck Protection Program to the tune of $3.9 Million and balled out of control. And Terry Crews, found himself getting roasted on Twitter again, after coming up with what he thought was clever acronym for C O O N.

And in Lose Your Job we’ve got more folks losing their jobs when they didn’t have to, as a teacher in Idaho went on a racist, and sexist rant against the Mayor of Boise Idaho, after they condemned white supremacist. And a once powerful ABC News executive, Barbara Fedida is out after an investigation into her racist conduct.

And in Proud To Be American, we find out that in Florida, hospitalizations of children from COVID-19 are up 23% while the state is still moving forward to open up schools this coming fall. Donald Trump is now openly musing about delaying the election this year, as he tries to cast seeds of doubt in the validity of the process. And Ammon Bundy is pro Black Lives Matter? Who the hell saw that coming? And why exactly is he coming out for BLM so publicly right now?

We’ve got all of that, and of course, we’ll be wrapping up the show with our Champ of The Week announcement. So let’s get down to business of the Real Talk, ALL THE TIME, right here on The Spann Report!

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    (Ep. 305) #TSRP “Owning The Libs To Death!”
    The Spann Report

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