(Ep. 315) #TSRP “Zoomin & Toobin”

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So much going on, so little time with which to talk about it all, but we’re certainly going to try! We get things started with a few of Spann’s Random Thoughts before we respond to some Listener Feedback. Then we hop In The News, where it’s been found out that the parents of 545 migrant children cannot be found after they were separated at the United States southern border. A judge in Kentucky has ordered the Grand Jury records to be unsealed in the case involving the death of Breonna Taylor. Rush Limbaugh has updated his audience that his cancer is now terminal. Black police officers across the country are breaking from their unions over the union’s endorsements of Donald Trump, a Delta Airlines has added 460 names to it’s no fly list as those passengers have refused to wear mask during flights.

Then it’s Blue Blazes time where Mitch McConnell is dodging health questions after appearing in public with bruised hands and face. An L.A. rapper is busted after bragging about defrauding the government in a damn music video. Ice Cube says he’s not a Trump supporter, but an undecided voter. CNN legal analyst Jeffery Toobin is suspended from his job at The New Yorker Magazine for allegedly masturbating while on a company Zoom call. And opponents of Joe Biden in Pennsylvania have accused him of having dementia, but they may have a more rudimentary problem themselves.

And in Proud To Be American, Texas social workers now have the ability to turn away clients who are disabled, or of the LGBTQ community. A Federal judge just put a stop to a Trump administration plan to cut the food stamp benefits for nearly 700K Americans. A Warren, Michigan city councilman performed a citizens arrest on a woman for posting BLM stickers on Trump yard signs. A company in Florida just told it’s employees that if Trump loses the election, they may be seeing a pink slip soon after. And in Colorado, a landlord essentially did the same thing only they told their tenants that they would be going up on the rent. Is this also voter suppression or nah?

Then like always, we’ll be highlighting our Champ of The Week to wrap up the show. So y’all know what time it is. It’s time for the Real Talk, ALL THE TIME, right here on The Spann Report!

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    (Ep. 315) #TSRP “Zoomin & Toobin”
    The Spann Report

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