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Back again for the second episode of the year, and we get an update on The Spann Furniture Store Wars, as the move into Casa De La Spann is still incomplete, before we hop right In The News, where someone in Michigan just hit that Mega Millions jackpot for the smooth BILLI!!! Radio and TV legend Larry King died this weekend, possibly from COVID-19. President Biden disbands Trump’s 1776 Commission through Executive Order. And the Republicans are ALREADY trying to be obstructionist by balking at lending support to Biden’s Coronavirus Stimulus Plan.

Then we’re on to Blue Blazes, where Kwame Kilpatrick has been released from prison after serving 7 years of a 28 year sentence. He was commuted by Donald Trump. Comedian Dave Chappelle has contracted COVID-19, and has had to cancel shows. A travel influencer, Kristen Gray has been deported from Bali after tweeting about how queer friendly and affordable it was. Some say this was the result of online jealousy. Others say it’s nothing more than gentrification, which one is it though? And reports have surfaced that disinformation on Twitter fell by 73% after Donald Trump was banned from the platform. But with so many of his followers still on the platform, or running to different platforms as their positions are being further and further de-legitimized by mainstream social media networks, is it too little too late?

And in Lose Your Job, there have been a host of folks who decided that storming the US Capitol was a good idea. Well it was a good idea until the FBI started contacting them, and they started to be identified, and their companies didn’t want anything to do with them. We’ll give these folks a little bit of the shine they no longer want. Because MURICA right!

Then it’s time for Proud To Be American, where one of the more prominent Capitol stormers continues to make the news. From chartering a flight to be a part of an insurrectionist mob, to now soliciting donations online to help with legal fees, Texas realtor Jenna Ryan has been having a hell of a January. And the residue of orange spray tan is still permeating through the government as new Congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, a QAnon believing Trump sycophant introduced Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden his first day on the job. And lastly, many folks expected Pro-Trump protest to happen at state capitols all over the nation on the day of Biden’s Inauguration. Those events largely didn’t happen. But one poor Trump soul in New York, didn’t get the memo.

And as always, we wrap everything up with our Champ of The Week Announcements. So let’s get back in our bag family, with the Real Talk, ALL THE TIME, right here on The Spann Report!

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