(Ep. 337) #TSRP “Riding Dirty With TBGWT”

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We’re back after a week off, but we ain’t been slacking, we’ve had some things going on, like launching new shows, and guesting on others. But we’re back on the these Spann Report streets, and we’re joined this week by longtime friends of the show, Rod and Karen of The Black Guy Who Tips podcast! We catch up a bit, and talk a little shop, before we get In The News, where the CDC has now dropped the mask mandate for people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The FAA is seeking fines against more and more unruly airline passengers as more and more altercations erupt with passenger versus passenger, and passengers also verbally and physically assaulting crew members. And the Joe Budden Podcast came to a very public end with Joe Budden firing his two co-host on air behind disputes of equity in the production of the show.

Then we move on to Blue Blazes, where a Detroit “rap” duo allegedly scammed the IRS out of over $5 Million before the tax collection agency caught on to the ruse. A California man got arrested for sitting in the back seat of his Tesla while in autopilot, only to get right out of jail to do it AGAIN! And since bad airline passenger behavior is on our minds, we get video of a beatdown that occurred at Detroit Metro Airport, as a dispute was settled with those hands at the Smith Terminal. And a Goldman Sachs executive has reportedly quit his job, after striking it rich in Dogecoin. Yes, you read that right, the digital currency started as a joke led to this dude putting in his papers.

Then off to Proud To Be American we go, where a Utah bar is inundated with angry phone calls from patrons who are upset that dining in will only be available to people who are fully vaccinated. And boy are they mad! A driver in Florida is lucky to be alive after setting their Hummer H2 ablaze while trying to light a cigarette with 20 gallons of gasoline riding in the back seat. And a Livonia Michigan man decided it would be a good idea to provoke police chases in the Detroit suburb, not once, not twice, not three times, hell, not even four. But FIVE TIMES, and he lived to tell the tale. And not only that, he live streamed each chase on Facebook.

And then it’s time to wrap up the show, but like always we wrap it up with our Champ of The Week announcement, and this week, we’ve got TWO Champs, as both of these folks have done something really dope, and extended themselves win ways they didn’t have to, but were looking to help others. So they both deserve it. So let’s get to it with the Real Talk, ALL THE TIME, right here on The Spann Report!

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