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Back on the mic for the last show of June, and we catch up with Spann as he gives us a recap on his 41st Birthday that kept him away from the Mic last weekend, which leads us to a few of Spann’s Random Thoughts. We then get right to the business with In The News, where Derek Chauvin, who was convicted in the murder of George Floyd was just sentenced to 22 years in prison. Was it enough, we’ll discuss. Retail workers are leaving the profession in droves and finding employment in other industries. Has the pandemic led to an unintentional power shift from employers to employees? And how long can we expect it to last? The city of Detroit just got the unenviable designation as the most segregated city in America. But what does that mean ultimately? And we finally get the question answered by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) that it is in fact legal for your employer to mandate vaccinations in the workplace. What could this mean for employment, or unemployment numbers for that matter going forward?

Speaking of vaccine mandates, we find ourselves in Lose Your Job, where 153 now former employees of the Houston Methodist Hospital System are out of a job because they refused to get vaccinated. This comes on the heels of their lawsuit being thrown out of court, and they argued that forcing the vaccination on them was against their rights as American citizens.

And off to Blue Blazes we go, where controversial musical act Azealia Banks went to Twitter to admonish equally controversial but for totally different reasons political commentator Candace Owens for her tweets against Juneteenth becoming a National holiday. A Detroit area woman says she won over $3 Million dollars while gambling on the BetMGM mobile app, but the Casino is refusing to pay up because they fault a glitch in the app. What are her chances of getting all of her winnings? And has a peeping Tom ever met justice so swiftly? A man accused of taking pictures of another man while using the bathroom in a Detroit area mall, found himself eating knuckle sandwiches soon afterwards by his alleged victim. Seems like somebody F’d around and found out.

Then we’re off to Proud To Be American, where a 9 year old girl just confronted her school board because she objects to the Black Lives Matter posters being displayed in her school. She even quotes Dr. King. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, who was opposed to making Juneteenth a national holiday decided to go to a Juneteenth event in Milwaukee, it didn’t really go so well. And the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff went scorched earth against the idea that the military embracing the idea of studying Critical Race Theory was harmful to troop morale and readiness.

Then as always, we close out the show with our Champ of The Week announcement! So let’s get to it with the Real Talk, ALL THE TIME, right here on The Spann Report!

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