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(Ep. 343) #TSRP “Did You Read My Books At All Fam?”

The Spann Report


The schedule has been mad crazy. From Anniversary trips, to stupid long shifts at the job, to leaving out of town again for a dear friend’s vow renewal ceremony, it’s been a hectic last month. And admittedly, the podcast has suffered because of it. But today we get it in with episode 343 of The Spann Report, and we get things kicked off with a few of Spann’s Random Thoughts, and we try to catch up on what’s been going on since Spann has been away. Then we get right In The News, where unfortunately, COVID dominates, as a Doctor in Alabama has given his patients notice that if they don’t get vaccinated, he will no longer treat them. Booster are starting to be recommended by the CDC, and over 1.2 Million Americans have jumped the line to get their third shot. Many Michigan area insurance companies are going to stop waiving fees involving COVID treatments of the unvaccinated. And as we see the numbers of COVID cases rising, even among the vaccinated, one has to wonder how many are actually dying from the disease despite their inoculation. We’ve got the numbers, and to smart people, they won’t surprise you.

Then it’s time for Blue Blazes, where we find out that talk show guest, and now rap artist Bad Bhabie, has ridden that bad behavior all the way to the bank, as her net worth has been revealed. Nikole Hannah-Jones isn’t necessarily a fan of the new investment ventures of Will Smith and Jay Z, calling their new Rent To Own home buying venture “predatory,” is she seeing something here that no one else is? OnlyFans is slated to restrict pornographic material from their site beginning in October, what could this mean for the sex workers who were able to make a living there going forward, and why did OnlyFans choose to make this move now? And Nick Cannon has stepped up to give his opinion on the ‘cancelling” of rapper DaBaby. But are we confusing cancelation with consequences here?

And then it’s time for Proud To Be American, where Candace Owens is demanding an apology from the American Booksellers Association for “denigrating” her book, and reasserting her black womanhood. Fox News has now mandated that all of its employees report their vaccination status, to go along with their mask mandate for unvaccinated workers. This directive comes as their on air talent have derided these sorts of policies elsewhere. And a Black family in Ohio in the process of trying to sell their home, saw the appraisal of their house rise by $92K after they removed all signs that a black family lived there.

We then wrap everything up like we always do with our Champ of The Week announcements. So let’s get to it family! It’s been a while, but we’re here with the Real Talk, ALL THE TIME, right here on The Spann Report!

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