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(Episode 2) #BNCPod “Going To The Chip!”

On episode 2 of #BNCPod We are finally joined by co-host Walt Lockdown after getting the technical difficulties out of the way. Tonight we’ll be discussing the NBA, and the current rash of player involved altercations. Is there real acrimony among the players? Are they just bored? Could this have ramifications going forward? We’ll discuss that while also doing our 1st ever Super Bowl Picks as both the AFC & NFC Championships will be decided tonight, possibly DURING the show! And later into the show, the guys will “Wing It” for 2 minutes to talk about the 1 thing in sports that’s on their mind the most this week. So grab a brew, a wing, or both, and check us out, here at The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

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(Episode 1) #BNCPod “Just Getting Started!”

Welcome to The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast! This is the first ever episode of this new sports themed show on The Spann Report Podcast Network featuring Cliff AKA DJ Neff, Walt Lockdown, and Mr. Spann! Join us as we talk about not just the games, but everything around the games as well! It’s the Beer N’ Chicken Podcast, LET GET IT!

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Contact The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!
Hotline – (313) 288-0485
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Introducing The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

We here at The Spann Report have been looking to expanding our footprint in the podcasting space for quite some time. And the new Beer N’ Chicken Podcast represents our first foray into trying to establish a well produced, entertaining and timely sports show. The show will feature the commentary of Mr. Spann of The Spann Report, with two long time friends of his, Cliff AKA DJ Neff hailing from Chicago IL, and Walt Lockdown back home in Detroit after living in mean streets of Maine! These three brothers will be talking not only about the ins and outs of the game, but also many of the things surrounding the game as well. All while drinking the best brews, and devouring chicken along the way.


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