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(Ep. 252) #TSRP “You Wonder Why They Call You Trash… Pt. 2”

Mr. Spann

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Two episodes this week, dig THAT! We’re back with our regular live show tonight, and we hop into some of Spann’s random thoughts for the week, and we thank those of you who have signed up for our Patreon! That’s a hell of a birthday gift. Then we hop In The News as Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer proclaims Juneteenth to be a celebration day in Michigan. Previous Democratic Governor, Jennifer Granholm had already signed the law declaring it as a holiday, but how many people actually know about it? San Francisco District Attorney’s Office is trying something new. “Blind Prosecutions” and it’s bringing it about after a study found that black alleged offenders were often charged more often, and more harshly than their white counterparts. What would happen if the prosecutor didn’t know the race of the assailants? And in Phoenix, A black couple was confronted with guns by police after their 4 year old child walked out of an area Dollar Store with a Barbie doll they didn’t pay for. The police reports don’t match the videos of what happened on the scene, and now that couple is suing to the tune of $10 million. And they have a heavyweight in their corner now, his name is Jay-Z. He’s pledged to help them with legal aid in their fight against the Phoenix Police Department.

Then we’re off to Blue Blazes as apparently, women prefer the dad bod over the chiseled dudes a recent survey finds. Who knew? A teacher in New Jersey is in hot water after he beat up a student. Why would he do such a thing? Apparently, this kid owed him money for weed! In Alabama a man allegedly fed meth to a small rodent. Neighbors have said that the animal was an “attack squirrel.” What’s that smell you ask? It could be your teenager. A recent survey has just revealed that many young people are opting out of using deorderant and antiperspirant. And a woman on her way back to her car from shopping, is followed by a man from inside the store. She records the harrowing encounter, as he first tries to present himself as a nice guy being misunderstood, then turning into a threatening agitated threat.

Then it’s Proud To Be An American time where in Tennessee Sheriff’s Detective, who’s also a pastor is seen on video calling for the execution of members of the LGBT community during a sermon. In Texas the city council of the town Waskom, which consist of all white men have just declared abortion illegal. They’re now calling their town as a “sanctuary city for the unborn.” And we’ve all known that Donald Trump is terrible with paying his bills. A lot of towns where he hold campaign rallies are finding this out too, as his campaign has stiffed towns all over the country with paying for added security when he comes to visit.

And of course, before we get out of here, we’ve got to give you our AssHat & Champ of The Week announcements. So much to get into, so little time, so let’s get to it, right here, and right now, here on The Spann Report!

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    (Ep. 252) #TSRP “You Wonder Why They Call You Trash… Pt. 2”
    Mr. Spann

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