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(Ep. 255) #TSRP “As The PeeHive Turns”

Mr. Spann


On episode 255 of #TSRP we jet right over In The News, as Donald Trump associate, Jeffery Epstein has been indicted with sex trafficking charges, and his arrest could cause a lot of headaches for politicians on both sides of the partisan divide. R. Kelly finds himself in MORE legal trouble. This is more of the Federal variety as he too faces sex trafficking charges, on top of his possession of child porn. Could this finally be the end for the leader of the PeeHive? Minnesotans are taking trips over to Canada. But not trips of leisure, more like trips of necessity as they try to find affordable insulin. And after Donald Trump’s July 4th Parade, the Mayor of Washington D.C. says that the city’s security fund for the year has been exhausted. Will D.C. meet the same fate as other cities where the security demands of Donald Trump, and the bills they incur go unpaid?

Then we’re on to Blue Blazes, where drivers in Georgia were surprised to find money flying in the air on I-285! Many of them stopped to grab the cash, but could they end up going to jail for taking the money? There is yet another Blue Bell Ice Cream licker out here in these streets, only this time, they don’t have the luxury of being able to fall back on being young as to why they were so stupid in trying this prank. A man hiding out from the police might have gotten away with his crime, if it wasn’t for his bad guts. And in Detroit, the AfroFuture Fest has made headlines all across the country for their pricing structure. Was this a real example of reverse racism, or could it just be a token of reparations?

Which brings us to Proud To Be An American, where Mitch McConnell tried to be cute when asked about his ancestors owning slaves. He likened himself to Obama, by saying he too has ancestors that owned slaves, and that Obama was also against reparations. But was that exactly Obama’s position? In a case of deja vu, we have the story of another white man killing a teen over rap music. The man justified it by saying the music made him fear for his life. Yes you read that right. 4 Maryland teens thought it would be a cool senior prank to paint racist graffiti all over the school. You might not believe how these little racist got caught. And in a story not typical of the segment. A woman scammed her job in a way not many would have thought about. She got caught, but you’ve just got to marvel at her ingenuity.

And of course we wrap everything up with out Asshat & Champ of The Week announcements. We got a lot to cover y’all, so let’s get to it right here and right now on The Spann Report!

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