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(Ep. 260) #TSRP “False Choices”

Mr. Spann

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Here on episode 260 of #TSRP get ready for a marathon session, as we are joined by friend of the show, Ashanti, no not that one. Ashanti kicks it with us to get through the stories of the week. And we get things kicked off In The News where, there continues to be fallout over Jay Z’s joint venture with the NFL. There were many rumors that Jay was in position to become the owner of an NFL franchise, but how true were those rumors? While this entire thing is going on, many folks are now publicly speaking out in defense of Jay, while coming at Colin Kaepernick’s neck, but do we really have to choose between the two? We also get news outta New York that the officer who killed Eric Garner will be fired by the NYPD as a result of the killing of Garner 5 years later. Predictably, the “Police Benevolent Association” blasted the decision as a bowing down to political pressure, and the wills of “cop haters.”

We’re then off to Blue Blazes, where the children of Brian McKnight took to social media to blast their father, whom they claim turned his back on them. Brian McKnight then also took to social media to defend himself, we’ll discuss how fame affects how those on the outside looking in take to private issues of celebrities brought to the public. A Greyhound bus driver quit mid trip, leaving passengers stranded in Abilene Texas for nine hours. And in a Sexy Time Segment, somebody needs to hide the Viagra, as six senior citizens were arrested in Connecticut for sex acts in a local park. Maybe Shady Acres ran out of activities?

Then it’s time for Proud To Be An American, as a murder conviction was overturned in Michigan, after it was found out that one of the jurors used the N-Word during deliberations. We’ll watch his reaction when the local news shows up to ask him about it. Another video shows a mother trying to keep her 15 year old son from being arrested, after he threatens to execute a mass shooting while playing a video game. And a white woman in Arkansas held four black teens at gun point as they went door to door trying to raise money for their football team.

Then we close out the show with our AssHat & Champ of The Week announcements. For real this time, we got some. So kick back and relax with me and the homie Ashanti as we kick it with the Real Talk, ALL THE TIME right here on The Spann Report!

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