(Ep. 56) #BNCPod “Show Them The Money”

The homies Spann and Cliff are back with episode 56 and we’re kinda all over the place.We get to talking about laws changing in California, and being proposed in Illinois, that would allow for college athletes to monetize their likeness. How could this change the college sports competitive balance going forward? Spann read an article in Forbes about how Jerry Reinsdorf approaches his ownership of the Chicago White Sox, and he’s heated. But then we somehow get to talking about the Chicago Cubs getting rid of the greatest manager they ever seen in a hundred lifetimes unceremoniously, and Cliff is with the move. But before we did any of that, we recapped this week in the BNCPod Fantasy Football League. Then Cliff felt like we NEEDED a recap of the NFL scores, and we go out on some strange wings. It was all over the place. But it’s here. So put down the pumpkin spice, and pick up a Chicken Leg or something and kick it with the fellas right here on The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

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