(Ep. 62) #BNCPod “Spann Be Knowing”

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The fellas are back with another episode of #BNCPod and on today’s episode we’re going to lead it off with some baseball talk. See what we did there? Lead Off… Oh anyway, we’ll be discussing the cheating scandals that are permeating throughout the league, which will lead to the inevitable question, will these sign stealing schemes lead to people questioning the integrity of the entire game in the way that the steroid scandals of the past back in the 1990’s?

And in football, we’ve got a few different things to get into. For one, who’s going to win the Super Bowl this year between the Kansas City Chiefs, and the San Francisco 49ers? And two, did your boys call it, or did they call it! LOL. And also Carolina Panthers Linebacker Luke Kuechly has decided to hang up his cleats and retire from the NFL at the age of 28. Although he didn’t come out and say that it was his concern of further head injuries. Many are speculating that may be what contributed to his leaving the game so young. This on the heels of the new Netflix docuseries on the life of former New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez, after it was discovered that he had advanced stages of CTE. We’ll discuss all of that.

Then we’ve got some WNBA news, as the league, and the players have come to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement that will net the players on average a 53% pay increase, maternity, and fertility benefits, and restructures the way the WNBA season will be played. We’ll be not only talking about the new developments, but also, how does a skeptic deal with these new developments.

Then of course we’ll be wrapping everything up with our Winging It segment to close out the show. It’s cold outside so get down with some Chicken Pot Pie, and a nice Belgian Wheat, and talk some smack with your boys, right here on The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

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    (Ep. 62) #BNCPod “Spann Be Knowing”
    Mr. Spann

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