(Ep. 77) #BNCPod “So Football Is Really Back Huh…”

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The fellas are back this week to talk a little football, as this is the NFL’s opening weekend of the 2020 season. But the season opened up with a ratings slump, and some folks are already taking credit for that slump, but is it too early to say that more people won’t watch football as the season progresses? We’ll talk about what some of those reasons could be today. And while we’re talking football, could the New Orleans Saints be looking to replace one old great Quarterback for another one who just made a major move? We also will revisit the hiring of Steve Nash as the Head Coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Nash agrees that his hiring was indeed a result of white privilege, is he going to resign from that job though? And because both of the fellas are from Chicago, and with both of the Chicago baseball teams are in first place, we’ll discuss how likely a possibility it could be for there to the a Red Line World Series.

And of course, we close everything out with our Wing It rants. So grab a drink and wing, and chill out with ya boys Spann and Cliff today on The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

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