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The Spann Report

(Ep. 348) #TSRP “I Want To Be Cancelled Like Dave Chappelle”

The Spann Report 203

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We’re finally back to our regular recording schedule and all feels right with the world! We start out this episode with a few of Spann’s Random Thoughts before we dive right In The News where to date, over 12K kids have lost their caretakers in the United States due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In Detroit, over 400 employees of the Henry Ford Health System have quit their jobs in protest of the Covid-19 mandate handed down by the hospital. And future HBCU funding has taken a major hit as Democratic infighting has forced the Biden Administration to pare down their Build Back Better plan.

Then we move on to Blue Blazes, where ESPN sportscaster Sage Steele found herself in hot water after an appearance on the former NFL Quarterback Jay Cutler’s podcast. It was there where she bemoaned the vaccine mandate at ESPN, questioned Barack Obama’s claim to blackness, and expressed her respect for political charlatan Candace Owens. Singer Akon has weighed in on R. Kelly’s guilty verdict, and says he believes that R. Kelly should have the right to redeem himself. But does R. Kelly believe that though? Speaking of R. Kelly, demand for his music spiked after the guilty verdicts came down, shooting his streaming and sales numbers up over 500% in the weeks following his conviction. And comedian Dave Chappelle is the talk of the nation at the moment, following the release of his third Netflix comedy special, The Closer. LGBTQIA groups are calling for the special to be removed from the platform for what they see as blatant homophobia, and transphobia. But the comedian also has a large swath of support from mainstream audiences, which begs the question, has Dave Chappelle really been cancelled?

And then we check out the folks who are making it their business to F*ck Around & Find Out. And we’ve got more hospital workers losing their jobs, this time in the Charlotte area. Only they didn’t quit, they were fired for not taking the Covid-19 vaccine as the Novent Health System required. A man in Ireland has died from Covid-19 after anti-vaxxers convinced him to leave the hospital where he was receiving treatment for the disease. And a transplant candidate from Colorado may have just talked herself out of receiving a kidney that could possibly save her life, because she refuses to take the Covid-19 vaccine. Her donor is also refusing to get vaccinated, and they both cite their religious beliefs as to why they won’t take the vaccine.

And we won’t be doing Proud To Be American today, so we’ll just get to our Champ of The Week announcement before we close the show. So ya’ll know what it is. It’s time to get to the Real Talk, ALL THE TIME, right here on The Spann Report!

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    (Ep. 348) #TSRP “I Want To Be Cancelled Like Dave Chappelle”
    The Spann Report

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