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Spann is back on the mic with the second show of 2022, and we get things started with some Listener Feedback, and a few Random Thoughts before we hop In The News. First up, more states are dropping their mask mandates as Covid cases fall throughout the country. Could this be the set up for yet another surge later this year? Canadian anti-vax protestors have been moved out after blocking entry to the Ambassador Bridge after nearly a week of demonstrating. But how many people are they really speaking up for? About 19% of Spotify users say they will drop their subscriptions if Spotify doesn’t remove podcast host Joe Rogan from their service. But is there an argument to be made that Spotify keeping him there actually lessens his ability to reach more people? And Spirit Airlines has decided to merge with Frontier airlines to create a mega budget airline. Will this merger better serve their customers, or will it just give flyers less choice in the budget airline space?

We move on to Blue Blazes where Drake unfollowed both Rihanna and her rapper boyfriend A$AP Rocky after the announcement that they would be expecting their first child together. Rapper Nelly, took to social media to apologize, after video of him receiving oral sex from an unidentified woman hit the internet sparking discussions of body shaming, sexual expectations, and the propensity for celebrity sex tapes to “leak.” Texas A&M University Women’s Basketball Coach, Sydney Carter was the talk of social media for a pair of pink pants she wore during a game recently with questions about whether or not what she was wearing was appropriate for the occasion. What do you guys think? And a TikTok user took to the platform to tell about the time an Android phone user attempted to catfish her, we’ll tell you the AMAZING way she found out that the Catfish, wasn’t who they said they were. Oh, the humanity.

Then it’s time for Fu*k Around & Find Out as two Long Island New York nurses were arrested after they are accused of forging Covid Vaccination Cards earning themselves over $1.5 Million in the scheme. A Federal Judge has blocked an attempt by unvaccinated New York City workers halt their impending employment terminations for their refusal to take the Covid-19 vaccine. A former Washington State Trooper who lost his job because of his refusal to get vaccinated has since died of COVID-19.

And finally, in Proud To Be American, state legislators in Missouri are attempting to pass a law that would allow for the expanded use of deadly force, by allowing defendants to proclaim self defense in all cases. And wait until you find out who the proposed law biggest cheerleader is. Also in Missouri, a man by the name of Ryan Utterback, who’s a big proponent of banning LGBTQ books from libraries, has just been arrested for alleged child molestation. And Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis decided to give his two cents on the Joe Rogan controversy by saying he doesn’t believe that Joe Rogan should apologize to anyone for his use of the N-word.

And like always, we close out the show with our Champ of the Week announcement. So let’s get to it, because we got a lot of ground to cover tonight with the Real Talk, ALL THE TIME here on the Spann Report!

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